Visual Inventory Management Pilot Takes Off at Microbiology Lab

On Thursday, July 15, Scott Marquette, Associate Chief Operating Officer from Michigan Medicine, visited the Clinical Microbiology laboratory at the Department of Pathology. The purpose of the visit was to learn more about the Visual Inventory Management pilot, a new initiative that is intended to help lab staff better organize their tools, resources and assets within the lab setting.

Qualitative Image Analysis Study Shows Excellent Results

A landmark study into quantitative image analysis in ER, PgR, and HER2 in invasive breast carcinoma was recently published in the American Journal of Clinical PathologyDr. Mustafa Yousif, Assistant Professor of Breast Pathology and Informatics, and colleagues conducted a retrospective study of 1,367 invasive breast carcinomas of all histopathology subtypes, for which ER, PgR, and HER2 were analyzed by manual scoring. These were compared to the results obtained using quantitative image analysis (QIA).  QIA uses a form of artificial intelligence (AI) called deep learning to identify specific regions of interest and to interpret that based on programmed algorithms.

Using Artificial Intelligence to predict ERG Gene Fusion in Prostate Cancer

The role of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare continues to expand. In a recent issue of BMC CancerDr. Vipulkumar Dadhania (first author) and colleagues published a result of their study Leveraging artificial intelligence to predict ERG gene fusion status in prostate cancer. The expert team from the Michigan Center for Translational Pathology developed a deep-learning-based model to predict ERG genomic rearrangements in prostatic adenocarcinomas using only H&E-stained digital slides. Their AI models were accurate at 78.6%-79.7%, depending on the magnification, with a 20x magnification the most accurate. Sensitivity was found to be at 75% across magnification levels (10x, 20x, 40x) and specificity ranged from 81.7% (10x and 40x) to 83.1% (20x).

Department of Pathology Soars at USCAP 2022

This month marked the 11th United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology (USCAP)'s Annual Meeting. This year's hybrid-style event was held both in-person and virtually in Los Angeles, California from March 18-24, 2022. The symposium featured several short and long courses, as well evening specialty conferences and ticketed seminars. The conference also included numerous poster sessions, live Q&A segments, and a multitude of social events. Michigan Medicine's Department of Pathology shined as several of our faculty, residents and fellows participated heavily in this year's meeting. Let's take a moment to reflect on some of the top moments from #USCAP2022.

Patient Safety Awareness Week - Critical Values

Join us in recognizing patient safety awareness week by reviewing our critical values policy. Download our flyer that shows the importance of critical values and how they can affect the lives of patients. And finally, if you are a client and looking for an instructional video for the critical values survey, please find that video link below.