This form is used to authorize additional testing be performed on a specimen already at MLabs for which we do not already have a written order. According to CLIA regulation # 493.1105, MLabs must receive written authorization from a client within 30 days of a verbal request.

If you have not previously filled out a patient registration form or if any information has changed in the past six months, you will need to complete all required information below so that we can successfully bill the patient’s Insurance. Otherwise, the patient will be billed.

Patient, Registration, Form B

The ordering clinician or an individual to whom the clinician has delegated authority is required by Michigan law to obtain the written informed consent of the test subject for pre-symptomatic or predictive genetic testing. By ordering such genetic testing from MLabs the clinician acknowledges that informed consent has been obtained from the patient as required by applicable state or federal laws and the ordering clinician has authorization from the patient permitting MLabs to report the test results to the ordering clinician.

Consent, Genetic Testing, Request