This form is used to authorize additional testing be performed on a specimen already at MLabs for which we do not already have a written order. According to CLIA regulation # 493.1105, MLabs must receive written authorization from a client within 30 days of a verbal request.

This requisition may be used to specify MLabs IgE allergen or allergens to be tested.  

This billing guidelines packet covers the following types of billing: client , patient/third party, Medicare, Medicaid, consultation, prior authorizations and other billing policies.

Collection instructions for a clean-catch urine specimen. It is necessary when your health care provider wants to test your urine for bacteria, which may be causing an infection in your urinary tract.

This document includes a chart with photos of various clinical microbiology and virology transport containers and tubes. Please refer to the handbook for volume and specimen types.

Blood specimens for coagulation testing require special care when obtaining from the patient and transporting to the laboratory. This document is to help with proper collection and transportation to ensure accuracy of the test result is a direct reflection of sample integrity.

This requisition may be used to order chromosome analysis for constitutional disorders.  Please use the Hematopathology Consult Requisition to order cytogenetics testing for malignancy.

This brochure covers anatomic and hematopathology consultation services, including content about how to submit a consultation, as well as an overview of our subspecialties and experts.

This brochure covers what to expect when getting tested for COVID-19, along with information on how to understand your results and a contact tracing form.

Michigan Medicine Laboratories (MLabs) has established critical values for the tests listed in this document; this Critical Value policy is approved by the UMHS Executive Committee on Clinical Affairs. MLabs will notify the client by telephone of results that are less than the specified Lower Limit or greater than the specified Upper Limit, immediately upon verification of result accuracy.

This requisition should accompany specimens sent for Cystic Fibrosis screening, diagnostic mutation detection, and other molecular genetics testing.