Collection instructions for a clean-catch urine specimen. It is necessary when your health care provider wants to test your urine for bacteria, which may be causing an infection in your urinary tract.

This document includes a chart with photos of various clinical microbiology and virology transport containers and tubes. Please refer to the handbook for volume and specimen types.

Blood specimens for coagulation testing require special care when obtaining from the patient and transporting to the laboratory. This document is to help with proper collection and transportation to ensure accuracy of the test result is a direct reflection of sample integrity.

Michigan Medicine Laboratories (MLabs) has established critical values for the tests listed in this document; this Critical Value policy is approved by the UMHS Executive Committee on Clinical Affairs. MLabs will notify the client by telephone of results that are less than the specified Lower Limit or greater than the specified Upper Limit, immediately upon verification of result accuracy.

The guidelines in this document cover preferred specimen types and specimen collections. The MLabs Flow Cytometry Laboratory offers a number of panels and assays for evaluation of hematopathological disorders.

Instructions cover all specimens for the Pap Test that include cervical, cervical and vaginal, endocervical, vaginal and/or vulvar scrapings or brushings. In addition, instructions include details for collecting patient clinical history, specimen collection and overview of unsatisfactory results from improper collection.

Michigan Medicine Laboratories (MLabs) Patient Asset Transport Labels are supplied to ensure timely delivery and proper routing of patient assets referred for AP consultations, transfer cases, wet tissue, or IHC tech only requests.

Labels, Transport

This document covers tests that do not require prior approval to be performed on a STAT basis. MLabs will report STAT call-back results by telephone, immediately upon verification of result accuracy. Requests for STAT call-backs must be clearly noted on the test requisition or by calling MLabs Client Services. Results will be called to the referring facility unless otherwise specified.

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These instructions cover stool collection for the following: ova and parasite, stool culture (Cary-Blair), Giardia Antigen, Gastrointestinal pathogen panel, Clostridium difficile and fecal occult blood test.

This document covers the protocols and specimen handling for vitreous specimens. Please Michigan Medicine Laboratories (MLabs) Client Services prior to sending a vitreous fluid specimen. Vitreous shipping materials are available from MLabs and will be required in advance of the procedure. MLabs Client Services can be reached at 800.862.7284 or 734.936.2598 (local). The recommended testing of Vitreous or Aqueous Fluid for evaluation of primary intraocular lymphomas and vitreoretinal lymphoma are the B Cell Clonality (IGH & IGK Gene Rearrangement) and MYD88 (L265P) Mutation assays available from MLabs Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory.