Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I call MLabs for my test results?
  • MLabs does not provide test results over the phone. Your physician can contact MLabs for your test results, or you can request your results from Michigan Medicine Medical Records (Refer to the next question to learn how to request your own test results.)
  • Can I request my own results?
  • Some Michigan Medicine patient health information is now available online through our secure patient portal, Learn more about the patient portal. To request paper copies of Michigan Medicine patient health information, you can use this form:

    Authorization to Release Patient Information from Michigan Medicine (PDF)

    Records will be sent via U.S. Mail. The average turnaround time for processing requests is seven business days (exceptions may be made for Radiology exams on CD, as explained below). Records needed for medical emergencies will be faxed directly to a physician or medical facility. There are three ways to submit a completed authorization form:  
    • Drop off at any Michigan Medicine Hospital or Health Center registration desk 
    • Mail to: 
      Release of Information Unit
      Michigan Medicine
      2901 Hubbard Rd.
      RM 2722
      Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2435 
    • Fax to: 734-936-8571
  • How long does it take to get results back?
  • Please refer to the MLabs handbook for the estimated time to run a given test.
  • What if I don’t understand my results?
  • Your physician can explain the results of your test. You can also refer to for answers to common questions about your test.
  • Can you send my test results to more than one physician?
  • At the University of Michigan, we participate in a state-wide health information exchange (HIE) that allows other doctors and hospitals outside of U-M to access information that we’ve collected about patients.
  • What payment options are available for Michigan Medicine patients?
    • Pay Online
      To pay your bill online, or to sign up for a patient portal account, go to the patient portal home page. Once you have signed in, select the Billing & Insurance tab.
    • Pay via the MyChart App
      You can also make payments to your account using the Michigan Medicine MyChart mobile app.
    • Pay by Mail
      University of Michigan Health System
      Patient Customer Services
      Dept: CH14410
      Palatine, Illinois 60055-4410
  • What are the prices for MLabs tests?
      If you have no insurance, or are receiving medically necessary services that are not covered by your insurance, we can help. Michigan Medicine will discount your charges, and see if you qualify for other financial options.

      The prices of some common services are listed below. These prices are estimates. The pricing tables for each category show the total charges of hospital and physician fees with a 60% discount applied.
      If you are covered by insurance (for example, Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, or a commercial plan), you may want to know what your out-of-pocket cost will be. There are several factors used to calculate this: the service you receive, what your insurance plan approves, what they pay, and what you owe for your deductible, copay or coinsurance. Our Patient Financial Counselors can provide an estimate. Please contact us at 877-326-9155 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST, Monday-Friday, or email us at
  • Does MLabs have a Patient Assistance Program?
  • Michigan Medicine’s policy supports medically necessary health care for all people, regardless of their ability to pay. Whether you are insured or uninsured, our Patient Financial Counselors can explore options that may be available to you, including our Financial Assistance Program, MSupport. Contact a Patient Financial Counselor by phone at 877-326-9155 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST, Monday-Friday, or by email at Visit our Financial Assistance page for more information about MSupport.
  • Does MLabs accept my insurance?
  • For laboratory services, please visit our insurance list. Note that laboratory testing benefits, copays, referral and prior authorization requirements may vary by individual policy. The patient should check with his or her insurance provider for specific details regarding covered laboratory services and approved testing facilities. Michigan Medicine Laboratories (MLabs) service claims are billed as outpatient hospital services, which may be adjudicated differently than independent laboratory claims.
  • Can MLabs bill Medicare?
  • MLabs cannot bill Medicare for technical charges if the order date is less than 14 days after the patient was classified as a hospital inpatient or outpatient or was in a skilled nursing facility (in a Medicare paid bed). Technical charges meeting the above criteria will be billed to the client. The one exception is molecular pathology testing (CPT range 81105-81479) collected from a hospital outpatient. MLabs will bill Medicare directly for these services.
  • How do I get a prior authorization?
  • The physician ordering the testing is responsible for obtaining prior authorization for the specialized laboratory test. However, in most cases, you can call or contact the health insurance company and complete the prior authorization process. This could include submitting the information via the insurance provider’s website, completing or faxing the insurance provider’s specific form to them, or calling them and providing the information over the phone.
  • How can I learn more about a lab test my doctor has ordered?
  • The website Lab Tests Online is designed to help patients and caregivers understand the what, why and how of laboratory testing.
  • I heard MLabs offers a unique test called MPS (MyProstateScore) for prostate cancer. How can I find out more about it?
  • We have developed a MPS FAQ document to help address questions and concerns related to MPS.
  • Does MLabs offer personalized gene reports like 23andMe?
  • No.
  • I am researching tests. What is the best way to find out which test or tests are best for me? 
  • It is always best to consult with your doctor. However, Lab Tests Online has a section that discusses a range of health conditions and the possible tests associated with them, which might be helpful.
  • I’m a patient. How can I order a test?
  • Patients cannot order tests directly from MLabs. You will have to have your physician order a teston your behalf.
  • Is MLabs a Joint Venture Hospital Laboratories (JVHL) participating lab?
  • Yes, MLabs is a JVHL network laboratory.
  • Where can I get my test results?
  • Laboratory results are available from the ordering physician’s office. Alternatively, requests for test results or other medical records are handled by the Michigan Medicine Release of Information Unit:

    Phone: 734-936-5490
    Fax: 734-936-8571
    Address: 2901 Hubbard Rd., RM 2722, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2435

    Records will be sent to you via U.S. Mail. The average turnaround time for processing requests is seven business days.

    Michigan Medicine patients can also get their results through the patient portal, MyChart.
Blood Drawing
  • Why do you need to copy my insurance card and driver’s license?
  • MLabs needs this information in order to bill your insurance company. Your driver’s license provides your current address and date of birth. If you would prefer that we do not copy your driver’s license and/or insurance card, you can complete an MLabs Patient Registration Form.
  • Why do you need my insurance information every time I have my blood drawn?
  • This ensures that we have your current insurance information so that you are not unnecessarily billed for services. If you have provided your insurance information within the last six months and it has not changed, you do not need to provide it again at this time.
  • Do you perform line draws?
  • Line draws are available at the following locations: East Ann Arbor Health Center, Briarwood Health Center Building 2, Brighton Health Center, Canton Health Center, and Northville Health Center.
  • Will you draw my blood for a kit to be sent to another laboratory?
  • Michigan Medicine Laboratories (MLabs) blood draw sites will collect specimens that MLabs clients and Michigan Medicine physicians request be sent to other laboratories for testing (“kit draws”). Only minimal processing of specimens will be provided (such as spinning and transferring serum or plasma into an aliquot tube). Freezing or other complex handling is not available. The specimen(s) will be returned to the patient for shipping. MLabs will not be responsible for shipping to the performing laboratory or obtaining test results. Kit draws are available at the following locations during normal business hours up to one hour prior to closing: West Ann Arbor Health Center, East Ann Arbor Health Center, Briarwood Health Center Buildings 3 and 10, Brighton Health Center, Canton Health Center, and Northville Health Center. Main Medical Campus locations will perform phlebotomy-only draws (no processing of any kind) during their normal business hours. See MLabs Blood Drawing Maps for a listing of all sites and hours of operation.
  • What are the blood draw station hours?
  • Most blood draw stations are open Monday - Saturday. You can visit the blood draw page to view hours for each location.
  • Do I need an appointment to get a blood draw?
  • No appointment is necessary. All blood draws are walk-in.
  • Can you send my laboratory testing to Quest Diagnostics?
  • MLabs is not a Quest draw site. You can contact Quest Diagnostics at 866-697-8378 for current draw site locations.
  • Can you send my laboratory testing to LabOne/Lab Card participating lab?
  • The Lab Card and LabOne programs are part of Quest Diagnostics. You can have specimens collected at a MLabs draw site and testing performed at the University of Michigan. Your standard benefit for testing will apply and the LabOne benefit is not applicable. You may be billed a coinsurance copay and/or deductible. If you wish to have testing sent to LabOne, you will need to have the specimen collected at a LabOne site. You can contact Quest Diagnostics at 866-697-8378 for current draw site locations. Provider collection and handling fees may apply, and are subject to health benefit plan provisions.