Reference laboratory services available through Michigan Medicine now have a new name:  Michigan Medicine Laboratories.

The rebranding initiative, which also includes a new logo, more clearly identifies the external reference laboratory services as an integral part of Michigan Medicine’s vast pathology portfolio. The Department of Pathology provides clinical, anatomic and molecular pathology services, as well as related research and education, to support patients, providers and students within Michigan Medicine’s hospitals, clinics and Medical School. The Department also oversees a full-service reference laboratory (previously known as MLabs) that brings the same world-class pathology services to other providers and health systems around the region and across the country.

With more than 150 faculty members and 700 laboratory technicians and support staff, Michigan Medicine Laboratories is one of the largest and most diverse pathology enterprises in academic medicine. Until recently, staff and facilities were spread out across the medical campus. In 2018, non-staff clinical functions were united in one location, now occupying 146,000 square feet in the North Campus Research Complex.

“State-of-the-science laboratory information and consultation are key drivers in the shift to personalized healthcare solutions,” says Jeffrey Myers, M.D., Director of Michigan Medicine Laboratories. “Michigan Medicine has been at the forefront of that shift.”

Julia Dahl, M.D., Associate Director of Michigan Medicine Laboratories goes on to say, “Since co-locating both our internal- and external-facing pathology services in one dedicated space, we have realized even greater levels of collaboration, innovation and service excellence.”

“Here at MLabs we’ve been making a difference in the lives of patients, families, and providers for over 30 years.  We are an enterprise-level service that makes available to the world the expertise and cutting edge laboratory solutions unique to our world-class academic medical center.  MLabs facilitates access to the discoveries, technologies, services, faculty and staff who distinguish Michigan Medicine as a premiere provider of care.” says Karla Bialk, Michigan Medicine Laboratories’ Business Development Manager.

The rebranding effort leverages the nearly universal recognition of the Michigan name and “block M” signature to increase awareness of the organization’s reference laboratory services, formerly MLabs, among local, regional and national customers.

“Our portfolio includes many molecular testing options not widely available in community hospitals or commercial reference labs,” Myers continues. “These molecular modalities require significant investment in expertise and rapidly evolving technologies. Only top institutions like Michigan Medicine can make that kind of commitment. Our branding now clarifies our position as a market leader in the laboratory industry.”

Myers is quick to underscore the true significance of the name change. “At the end of the day, a brand is not a logo, it is not a symbol, and it is not a name,” he says. “A brand is a promise. Our promise is that whenever and wherever anyone looks to Michigan Medicine Laboratories for help we will respond with kindness, compassion, service excellence, and a commitment to expertise delivered personally by staff and faculty proud to be called leaders and best.”


The who/what/where/when/why of the Michigan Medicine Laboratories brand

WHO: The pathology professionals of Michigan Medicine, whose specialized testing services, state-of-the-science technology and consultative expertise support not only Michigan Medicine providers, patients and families, but those around the region and across the nation.

WHAT: A rebranding effort that gives a new name and identity to the external reference laboratory serving pathologists and providers outside of Michigan Medicine, formerly known as MLabs. The new brand prominently features the Michigan Medicine name and block M logo – one of the world’s most recognizable marks.

WHERE: The new name and logo will be used in all signage, promotional materials and internal and external media messaging.

WHEN: The change is effective immediately.

WHY: The new brand clarifies that the same expertise, resources, and commitment to service excellence are available within Michigan Medicine and beyond. With the evolution of personalized medicine, the field of pathology is becoming more specialized, and the choice of a laboratory partner is critical. The confidence behind the block M has never been more important.