MLabs, and the Department of Pathology laboratories at Michigan Medicine, recognized leaders for advanced diagnostic testing, are now participating in the NCI-Molecular Analysis for Therapy Choice (NCI-MATCH) trial. NCI-MATCH (also known as EAY131) is a phase II precision medicine trial that seeks to determine the effectiveness of treatment through specific genomic profiling in patients with solid tumors, lymphomas or myeloma that have progressed following standard treatments, or in patients with rare cancer types for which there is no standard treatment. Such discoveries could be eligible to move on to larger, more definitive trials.

With nearly 40 treatment arms addressing a wide range of tumor types and targeted treatments, NCI-MATCH is the largest precision medicine cancer trial to date.

The ECOG-ACRIN Cancer Research Group (ECOG-ACRIN), and the National Cancer Institute (NCI), part of the National Institutes of Health, co-developed, and are co-leading NCI-MATCH. The study seeks eligible patients to receive appropriate targeted treatment based on high quality genomic profiling results. The study seeks to determine whether matching certain drugs or drug combinations to specific gene abnormalities harbored by a patient’s tumor will more effectively treat their cancer than conventional non-targeted chemotherapy, regardless of cancer type. It is a discovery study that includes drugs, drug combinations and disease states for which there is no currently approved FDA indication.

Tumor gene testing by a designated lab is the only pathway for patients to enroll into NCI-MATCH.

The rigorous standards, accuracy, and attention to detail in our molecular pathology laboratories proved a winning combination for participating in the NCI-MATCH trial. “We have worked hard to ensure cost-effective cutting edge results for all patients whether here at our Ann Arbor campus or elsewhere,” said Dr. Noah Brown, Director of our Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory. “MLabs is committed to making the same high quality care we offer locally available to all patients struggling with advanced stage cancers.”

Oncologists at other sites may contact MLabs and order tumor profiling to guide clinical care for their patient. MLabs will look for trial matches for the patient and, upon the identification of a qualifying genetic alteration abnormality (such as a mutation, amplification or translocation), if the site is an NCI-MATCH participating site, MLabs will notify the treating physician that the patient may be potentially eligible for NCI-MATCH and provide an official referral letter or associated documentation. Utilizing this notification/referral provided by MLabs, the treating physicians and their patient may choose to pursue enrollment onto the screening step of the study (Step 0), if they meet all eligibility requirements for the trial.

As part of the screening portion of the study (Step 0), NCI and ECOG-ACRIN trial leaders will review MLabs’ trial match centrally using information provided by both the participating MATCH site and MLabs. If they verify that the patient is potentially eligible for a NCI-MATCH treatment arm, they will formally assign the patient to the applicable arm and will notify the participating MATCH site that the patient may be enrolled onto the treatment portion of the study (Step 1).

MLabs will be available to field questions relating to testing results and their potential applicability to the NCI-MATCH study. For any other general, logistical, or clinical questions related to the study, MLabs will facilitate communications between the treating physicians and the NCI-MATCH study team, but sites may also contact the NCI-MATCH study team directly.

Physicians may contact MLabs at 800-862-7284.

Our comprehensive and highly-validated Solid Tumor Panels, are particularly sensitive to rare alterations and are well-suited to identifying innovative treatment options of the sort available through the NCI-MATCH trial. “This is an excellent opportunity for oncologists to identify alternative treatment strategies for larger groups of patients for whom therapeutic options have been historically limited,” said Jeffrey Myers, M.D., Director of MLabs.

The federal trial record for NCI-MATCH is NCT02465060.

To learn more about NCI-MATCH, including other designated labs and clinical trial sites across the country, visit