Instructions cover all specimens for the Pap Test that include cervical, cervical and vaginal, endocervical, vaginal and/or vulvar scrapings or brushings. In addition, instructions include details for collecting patient clinical history, specimen collection and overview of unsatisfactory results from improper collection.

This packet comes with forms, instructions and all the details to successfully submit a prior authorization.

Complete and submit with all requests for the Quad Test Profile or Alpha Fetoprotein, Serum, Maternal.

It is the policy of Michigan Medicine Laboratories (MLabs) to perform reflexive testing when appropriate; this Reflexive Testing policy is approved by the UMHS Executive Committee on Clinical Affairs. Reflexive testing includes semi-quantitative titers in the case of some positive screening tests, appropriate confirmatory procedures in the case of some screening identification assays, and appropriate pathologists' interpretation of some study results. If a test is reflexed for further testing, additional CPT codes and charges for the added tests will be billed to the client or third party payor. Potential additional charges are noted in the MLabs Test Catalog and on the test requisition.

These instructions cover stool collection for the following: ova and parasite, stool culture (Cary-Blair), Giardia Antigen, Gastrointestinal pathogen panel, Clostridium difficile and fecal occult blood test.

The subspecialty services brochure covers information about our renal, neuromuscular and dermatopathology specialties.

This requisition should accompany any surgical or cytological specimens, including Muscle, Nerve, or Renal biopsy specimens. Be sure to fully complete all portions of the relevant section.

The ordering clinician or an individual to whom the clinician has delegated authority is required by Michigan law to obtain the written informed consent of the test subject for pre-symptomatic or predictive genetic testing. By ordering such genetic testing from MLabs the clinician acknowledges that informed consent has been obtained from the patient as required by applicable state or federal laws and the ordering clinician has authorization from the patient permitting MLabs to report the test results to the ordering clinician.

This form is a w-9, a request for taxpayer, identification number and certification used for MLabs.