Posted Date
Effective Date
Test Name Interleukin-18
Update Type New Tests
Order Code CI18P



Interleukin-18 and Interleukin-18 Binding Protein Panel

Order Code:                  CIL18

Fee Code:                     AA748 (CPT 83520)

Reference Laboratory:   Cincinnati Children’s 7453047


New Order Code:          CI18P

New Fee Code:             pending (CPT 83520 x2)


Effective March 17, 2023, Cincinnati Children's Interleukin-18 (IL-18) test has moved to a new testing platform and is now paired with Interleukin-18 binding protein (IL-18BPa).  The new test measures both IL-18 (total) and IL-18BPa and replaces the previously offered single IL-18 ELISA test. IL-18 and IL-18BPa are measured by an automated microfluidics immunoassay method. Note that values of IL-18 measured with the current method generally run 25% lower than when measured with the previous ELISA method. New order code CI18P will be available 4/13/23.


Collection Instructions: Collect specimen in an SST tube. Centrifuge within 48 hours of collection, aliquot serum into 2 plastic vials (minimum one 0.2 mL aliquot), and freeze.


Reference Range: IL-18: <or= 477 pg/mL, IL-18BPa: <or= 10581 pg/mL.