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Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Profile, Serum and CSF

Order Code: MSP3

Fee Code: AA992

Reference Laboratory: Mayo MSP3

The test algorithm and reference ranges for Mayo Clinic Laboratories Multiple Sclerosis Profile have been updated as follows effective August 30, 2022, to clarify reflex decision points:

Kappa free light-chain testing will be performed by nephelometry on all samples. When kappa free light-chain testing indicates either borderline or positive results (> or =0.0600 mg/dL), the oligoclonal banding tests will be performed at an additional charge. If the time of testing exceeds the specimen stability for oligoclonal banding tests, only kappa free light-chain testing will be performed. Kappa free light-chain testing will only be performed up to specimen stability.

Reference Range:

KAPPA FREE LIGHT CHAIN: Medical decision point: 0.1000 mg/dL, Positive: > or =0.1000 mg/dL, Borderline: 0.0600 mg/dL-0.0999 mg/dL, Negative: <0.0600 mg/dL.