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Update Type Reference range changed
CPT Code 86682
Order Code MMLR



Filaria IgG4 Antibody

Order Code:                  MMLR

Reference Laboratory:   Mayo FFAG4 (57875) (Focus 34168)


Please note the following change to the Filaria IgG4 Antibody assay effective March 18, 2022.


Current Reference Range: < 1.50


New Reference Range: < 2.50 Index (Negative)


This assay detects Filaria lgG4 associated with infections caused by the major filarial parasites, including Dirofilaria immitis, Wuchereria brancrofti, Brugia malayi, and Onchocerca volvulus. Chronic filarial infections manifesting as elephantiasis may not show a significant lgG4 response and cannot be ruled out using this test. Samples containing antibodies to other nematodes, particularly Strongyloides, may cross-react in the assay.