Posted Date
Effective Date
Update Type Test Down or Delayed
CPT Code 88184, 88185 x10, 88188
Order Code MRDMM



Minimal Residual Disease for Multiple Myeloma, Flow Cytometry

Order Code:                  MRDMM


Due to staffing challenges in the MLabs Flow Cytometry Laboratory, the Minimal Residual Disease for Multiple Myeloma assay will be sent to Mayo Clinic Laboratories (test ID MRDMM) (order code MMRD) temporarily until further notice effective January 26, 2022.


Collection Instructions: Send 4 mL (minimum 2 mL) bone marrow specimen in a yellow top (ACD) (preferred) or lavender top (EDTA) tube.  Store and transport at room temperature to arrive at performing lab within 48 hours of collection.  Include patient’s disease state (untreated, treated, monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance, stable); indicate if patient is on anti-CD38 therapy; and provide Immunofix information if available.