Posted Date
Effective Date
Update Type Production schedule change
CPT Code 83516 x9, 86235 x7, 86235
Order Code LMY3P



Myositis Associated Antibodies (MAA) MyoMarker Panel 3 Plus

Order Code:                              LMY3P

Fee Code:                                 AA303 x9, AA305 x7, AA363

CPT Code:                                83516 x9, 86235 x7, 86235

Reference Laboratory:               LabCorp (Esoterix # 520085)


New Order Code:                      FMMPP

New Reference Laboratory:       Mayo FMMPP (Esoterix #520085)


Effective January 20, 2022, Myositis Associated Antibodies MyoMarker 3 and MyoMarker 3 Plus panels will be sent to Mayo Clinic Laboratories in order to reduce the turnaround time for result entry.  There will be no change to the performing laboratory, specimen collection and handling requirements, or reference ranges.  There will be no change to the fee codes or CPT codes; there will be a reduction in the test prices.