Update Type: Production schedule change
Test Updated: 01/11/2022
Test Overview
Test Methodology


Test Usage

Assist in the diagnosis of dermatomyositis, polymyositis and the anti-synthetase syndrome as well as characterization of various subsets of these disorders and prognostic information.

Test Details
Analytic Time

25 days

Soft Order Code
  • Jo-1 Antibody
  • Mi-2 Antibody
  • PL-12 Antibody
  • PL-7 Antibody
  • EJ Antibody
  • OJ Antibody
  • SRP Antibody
  • Ku Antibody
  • U2 RNP Antibody
  • PM-Scl Antibody
  • MDA5 Antibody
  • NXP2 Antibody
  • TIF1 Antibody
  • SSA-52 kd IgG Antibody
  • U1 RNP Antibody
  • Fibrillarin U3 RNP Antibody
  • Myositis Specific Antibodies (MSA)
  • SAE-1 Antibody
Reference Laboratory
Mayo FMMPP (Esoterix # 520085)
Special Testing
Specimen Requirements

Collect specimen in a Red top or SST tube. Centrifuge, aliquot serum into a plastic vial and refrigerate.

Normal Volume
5 mL serum
Additional Information

Panel includes SAE-1, Jo-1, Mi-2, PL-12, PL-7, EJ, OJ, SRP, Ku, U2 RNP, PM-Scl, MDA5, NXP2, TIF1, SSA 52 kD IgG, U1 RNP, and Fibrillarin U3 RNP. Test sent to Mayo Clinic Laboratories; performed by Esoterix Endocrinology

CPT Code
83516 x9, 86235 x7, 86235
Fee Code
AA303 x9, AA305 x7, AA363