Test Overview
Test Methodology

Gem 3500 blood gas analyzers
Ph : Ion selective electrodes, potentiometric
pCO2 : Potentiometric gas permeable membrane
Lactate : Amperometric electrode

Reference Range *

Venous Lactate 0.5 - 2.2 mmol/L
Venous PH 7.32 - 7.42
Venous CO2 41 - 51 mmHg

Test Details
Days Set Up
Daily, 24 hours
Analytic Time

15 minutes

Soft Order Code
Chemical Pathology
Specimen Requirements
Special Handling

Analysis should be performed as soon as possible to minimize the effect of glycolysis. Testing must be performed within 30 minutes of draw.

Rejection Criteria
Clotted specimens or specimens received greater than 30 minutes after collection.
Red Top Tube
Normal Volume
1.5 mls whole blood in a collection tube
Minimum Volume
150 ul's is absolute minimum
CPT Code
82803, 83605
Fee Code
30574, 38145
pH PHVCL 2746-6 , pCO2 PCOCL 2021-4 , Lactate LACCL 2519-7
NY State Approved