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* Reference ranges may change over time. Please refer to the original patient report when evaluating results.

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Blood Bank
Blood Bank
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MLabs does not perform Paternity, Parentage, or Identity testing. Contact the Michigan Department of Human Services at 866-540-0008 for information regarding DNA testing to establish legal paternity. For other testing purposes, the Blood Bank will refer requests to either National Legal Laboratories Inc., Okemos, MI, 800-837-1504 or Identity Link Inc., High Point, NC, 800-325-5465. Patients may also contact the following laboratories directly to make arrangements for testing: DNA Diagnostics Center, Fairfield, OH, 800-833-3105 (72 collection sites in Michigan); Genetic Profiles Corporation, San Diego, CA, 800-551-7763; Genelex Corporation, Redmond, WA, 800-523-3080; Cellmark Diagnostics, Germantown, MD, 800-872-5227.