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Reference Laboratory
MDHHS to CDC if confirmation needed
Special Testing
Specimen Requirements
Collection Instructions

Vigorously swab or brush lesions with two separate sterile dry polyester or Dacron swabs; At a minimum collect two specimens for preliminary and confirmatory testing. More than one lesion should be sampled, preferably from different locations on the body and/or from lesions with differing appearances. Break off end of applicator of each swab into a 1.5- or 2-mL screw-capped tube with O-ring or place each entire swab in a separate sterile container. Do not add or store in viral or universal transport media.
Specimens must be handled with 6.2 dangerous goods regulations

Special Handling

Specimens must be sent to MDHHS with IATA Dangerous good regulations 6.2

Normal Volume
2 dry swabs required for PCR testing at MDHHS and CDC
Storage Temperature
Refrigerate samples (2-8°C) and store for up to 7 days. Where possible, freeze (-20°C or lower) specimens within an hour after collection. Store frozen samples for up to 60 days. Freezing is strongly recommended. Samples must be received within 60 days if frozen or 7 days if refrigerated. Send frozen.
Additional Information

Test performed by MDHHS; confirmation testing is performed by the CDC if needed

NY State Approved