Test Details
  • Miscellaneous Prevention Genetics (PRVEN)
  • Miscellaneous Harvard Ocular Genomics (OCULR)
  • Miscellaneous Myriad Genetics (MYRID)
  • Miscellaneous Molecular Vision (Casey Eye Institute) (MOLVI)
  • Miscellaneous GeneDx (GNDX)
  • Miscellaneous Ambry Genetics (AMBRY)
  • Miscellaneous Duke (DUKE)
  • Miscellaneous Greenwood Genetic Center (GRNWD)
  • Miscellaneous Invitae (INVTE)
Special Testing
Specimen Requirements
Collection Instructions

Contact MLabs at 800-862-7284 for specimen collection instructions.

Additional Information

The following order codes are used for miscellaneous genetic sendout tests. Note that these test codes are generic order codes specific to each laboratory. Collection instructions depend on the specific test requested and can be obtained from MLabs or Sendouts:
AMBRY Misc Ambry Genetics
EMORY Misc Emory Genetics
GNDX Misc GeneDx
INVTE Misc Invitae
MOLVI Misc Molecular Vision (Casey Eye Institute)
MYRID Misc Myriad Genetics
OCULR Misc Harvard Ocular Genomics
PRVEN Misc Prevention Genetics
SEQ Misc Sequenom