Test Overview
Test Methodology

Flow Cytometry

Test Usage

This test is a screening test and further analyses will be required to complete a diagnostic workup for common variable immunodeficiency (CVID) (eg, CVID / Common Variable Immunodeficiency Confirmation Flow Panel, Blood) and hyper-IgM (XHIM / X-Linked Hyper IgM Syndrome, Blood and CD40 / B-Cell CD40 Expression by Flow Cytometry, Blood).

Reference Range *

Interpretive report is provided

Test Details
Days Set Up
Monday - Friday
Analytic Time

4 - 5 days

Soft Order Code
Reference Laboratory
Mayo (IABCS)
Special Testing
Specimen Requirements
Collection Instructions

Collect 2 EDTA lav top tubes- one remains ambient (label as "TBBS"), one is refrigerated (label as "IABC"). Send to Specimen Processing as whole blood- do not spin. Only collect Mon-Thurs, and if needed, call a stat courier to ensure the specimen is received at UH/Sendouts by 7pm at the latest.

Alternate Specimen
Pink top tube is acceptable
Normal Volume
3 mL whole blood in ambient tube for TBBS; 10 mL EDTA whole blood, refrigerated for IABC
Minimum Volume
1 mL ambient; 5 mL refrigerated
Storage Temperature
This test needs TWO tubes- One tube is ambient, one tube is refrigerated
Additional Information

Test performed by Mayo Clinic Laboratories

CPT Code
86355, 86357, 86359, 86360, 86356 x7, (88184, 88185 x2 if needed)
NY State Approved