Test Overview
Test Methodology

Flurometric enzyme activity assay using artificial substrate for Angiotensin Converting Enzyme (ACE), artificial 4-MU substrate for Chitotriosidase (CHITO), and enzymatic reaction detected by spectrophotometric assay to measure Tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase (TRAP) activity.

Test Usage

This test is indicated for monitoring patients with a diagnosis of Gaucher disease.

Reference Range *

Interpretive report provided

* Reference ranges may change over time. Please refer to the original patient report when evaluating results.

Test Details
Analytic Time

7 - 12 days

Soft Order Code
Reference Laboratory
Emory (NTD Genetics #BM)
Special Testing
Specimen Requirements

Collect specimen in SST or red top tube. Spin and Aliquot into a screw capped plastic tube. Send to Specimen Processing frozen.

Special Handling

Specimen must be shipped frozen

Alternate Specimen
Whole blood in a red top tube. Ship ambient within 24 hrs. No Saturday deliveries- collect Monday through Thursday if whole blood testing is desired
Normal Volume
5 mL serum
Minimum Volume
3 mL serum
Storage Temperature
Serum- Strict frozen
Whole blood- Strict ambient
Rejection Criteria
Ambient or refrigerated serum; or not ambient, whole blood
Additional Information

Test performed by NTD Genetics (Emory Genetics Laboratories)

CPT Code
82164, 82657 x2