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Provides a source of high quality DNA for future analysis.

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Monday - Friday
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DNA Banking
  • Generic Peds Genetics Test
  • DNA Banking Shadow
MMGL Molecular Genetics
Specimen Requirements
Collection Instructions

Collect specimen in a lavender top tube. Send intact specimen within 24 hours if stored at room temperature or within 5 days if stored refrigerated. Include the patient's family history, pedigree, and ethnicity on the test requisition. Obtaining informed consent from the patient prior to the banking of DNA is strongly recommended. If desired, a UMHS Request and Consent for Genetic Testing form can be obtained from the MMGL Molecular Genetics Laboratory by contacting the MLabs Client Services Center at 800-862-7284 or online at https://mlabs.umich.edu/media/188.

Normal Volume
5 - 10 mL EDTA whole blood
Minimum Volume
3 mL EDTA whole blood
Additional Information

The DNA Banking service is not automatically provided as a standard part of any genetic test performed by the MMGL Molecular Genetic Laboratory. DNA Banking must be separately and specifically ordered by the patient’s authorized health care provider. The MMGL DNA Banking service is a clinical service only and does not meet legal Chain of Custody standards. If DNA Banking is requested, the patient’s DNA will be stored in the MMGL Molecular Genetics laboratory with all personal identifiers intact and will be available to the patient and other authorized requestors, until the sample is exhausted, or for a period of 15 years. If DNA Banking is not requested, any patient DNA produced in the MMGL Molecular Genetic Laboratory for performing an ordered genetic test may be anonymized and/or discarded approximately 60 calendar days after the clinical report is issued (for the specific molecular genetic test that was ordered). Consequently, the patient’s DNA sample may not be available for future use. If the DNA Banking service is requested at the same time as another MMGL Molecular Genetic test requiring DNA isolation, no additional charges will apply for banking the DNA remaining after the requested testing is completed (2 - 10 µg). If DNA Banking is requested as a discrete, stand-alone service, separate fees apply.

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