Test Overview
Test Usage

Aid in diagnosis when Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (DIC) is suspected. Decreased platelet count, elevated D-Dimers, prolonged PT and aPTT, and decreased fibrinogen are markers of DIC.

Test Details
Days Set Up
Daily, 24 hours
Analytic Time

1 hour

Soft Order Code
MiChart Code
Disseminated Intravascular Coag (DIC)
  • Consumptive Coagulopathy
  • DIC Workup
  • DIC
  • DIC Panel
STAT Availability

STAT requests for this test will be performed on a STAT basis (supervisory staff approval is not required).

Specimen Requirements
Collection Instructions

This test requires both a blue top and lavender top tube.
1. Collect specimen in a blue top sodium citrate 3.2% Vacutainer® tube. Mix by inversion. Specimen should arrive at lab within 3 hours of collection; transport at room temperature. Alternatively, centrifuge, aliquot plasma into a plastic vial, and freeze the specimen within 4 hours of collection. Transport frozen specimen on dry ice. Collection of the blood through lines that have been previously flushed with heparin should be avoided. If the blood must be drawn through a VAD (vascular access device), the line should be flushed with 5 mL of saline and the first 5 mL of blood or six dead space volumes of the VAD discarded.
2. Collect additional specimen in a lavender top EDTA K2 Vacutainer® tube or EDTA K2 Microtainer® tube. Send intact whole blood specimen within 24 hours if stored at room temperature or 48 hours if refrigerated.

Normal Volume
Blue top 3.2% sodium citrate tube
Full 2.7 mL tube or 1 mL plasma aliquot
Lavender top EDTA K2:
3mL EDTA K2 whole blood or 500 uL whole blood in an EDTA K2 Microtainer® tube
Minimum Volume
Blue top 3.2% sodium citrate tube
Full 1.8 mL tube or 1 mL plasma aliquot
Lavender top EDTA K2:
1 mL EDTA K2 whole blood or 300 uL whole blood in an EDTA K2 Microtainer® tube
Rejection Criteria
Blue top sodium citrate specimens will be rejected if not properly filled, clotted, grossly hemolyzed, or contaminated with heparin. Lavender top EDTA K2 specimens will be rejected if clotted, diluted with IV fluid, contain fibrin strands and clumped platelets, or are underfilled. [BOLD]NOTE:[/BOLD] Liquid EDTA K3 collection tubes are NOT acceptable and will be rejected due to possible dilutional effects.
Additional Information

Panel includes Partial Thromboplastin Time (PTT), Prothrombin Time with INR (PT7), Fibrinogen (FIB), Advanced D-Dimer (ADV DIMER), and Platelet Count (PLT). A platelet count obtained within 24 hours of the DIC collection time may be used if no EDTA K2 specimen is submitted concurrently.

CPT Code
85379, 85384, 85049, 85610, 85730
Fee Code
31146, 31107, 30910, 31105, 31106