Test Overview
Test Methodology

Plasma cell (CD138) enrichment
Interphase Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH)

Test Usage

Multiple myeloma FISH panel aids in stratifying individuals with newly diagnosed multiple myeloma into risk groups for prognosis and selection of therapy. It is also useful in following up remission or relapse status.

For diagnostic samples, the test will be run in a tiered approach. The first tier tests include 17p/cen (TP53/CEP17), t(4;14) (IGH/FGFR3), 14q (IGH), and 1p/1q (CKS1B/CDKN2C). Second tier probes are, +5 (D5S23, D5S721), +9 (CEP 9), +15 (CEP15), 8q24 (MYC), and del(13q)/-13 (D13S319/13q34). When an IGH rearrangement is identified and the partner is not FGFR3, reflex testing is performed to identify the translocation partner. Probes include identification of t(11;14) CCND1/IGH, t(14;16) IGH/MAF, and t(14;20) IGH/MAFB.

For follow-up samples, probes that were abnormal in a previous study will be tested along with 1p/1q, TP53/cen17 and MYC probes if sufficient plasma cells are obtained. If previous FISH results were unknown, the sample will be evaluated as a diagnostic sample.

Reference Range *

Interpretive report provided.

* Reference ranges may change over time. Please refer to the original patient report when evaluating results.

Test Details
Days Set Up
Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 4:00pm
Analytic Time

For diagnostic samples, the results of t(4;14) and 17p (TP53) will be provided in a preliminary report within 7 days. The final report will be completed in 14 days.

Soft Order Code
  • FISH for Multiple Myeloma
  • Plasma Cell Proliferative Disorder (PCPD), FISH
  • FISH for Plasma Cell Disorder
Specimen Requirements
Collection Instructions

Specimen transport should be arranged so that the specimen is received by MLabs the same day it is collected. The sample must be in the Cytogenetics lab Monday - Friday by 4pm. Call for a STAT courier if necessary. Collect specimen in a green top (sodium heparin) tube. Invert the tube several times to prevent clotting. Send at room temperature as soon as possible. Do not allow specimen to overheat or freeze. Clotted samples or those that are greater than 24 hours old are suboptimal. Multiple Myeloma FISH panel testing may be performed as a "stand alone" test or included with Chromosome Analysis.

Normal Volume
2 mL bone marrow
Minimum Volume
1 mL bone marrow
Additional Information

"Stand alone" FISH testing will include Tissue Culture at an additional charge. Appropriate additional FISH testing will be performed at an additional charge when indicated. By ordering this test the clinician acknowledges that additional reflex testing will be performed and billed at a separate additional charge if indicated.

CPT Code
88271 x2, 88275, first probe set
Fee Code
EA034 x2, EA035
Reflex CPT
88271 max x19, 88275 max x9, each additonal probe set
Reflex Fee Code
EA036 max x19, EA037 max x9, each additonal probe set