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Cytogenetics, Chromosome Analysis/Karyotype, Products of Conception
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Cytogenetics, Fetal Tissue
Karyotype, Tissue
Chromosome Analysis, Placenta
Chromosome Analysis, Products of Conception (POC)

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Test Overview

Test Methodology

Cell culture and chromosome analysis. Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH) when indicated.

Test Usage

Generally, products of conception are submitted for cytogenetic analysis if the couple has had 2 or more previous miscarriages, or if fetal abnormalities were observed. Approximately 50% of first trimester abortuses and 6% of later abortuses are chromosomally abnormal, frequently due to trisomy or monosomy following an abnormal meiotic division (nondisjunction). Chorionic villi (up to 12 weeks gestation) or fetal parts should be submitted for analysis; the Cytogenetics laboratory can isolate this material if an entire specimen or uterine contents is submitted un-fixed.

Reference Range

Interpretive report provided.

* Reference ranges may change over time. Please refer to the original patient report when evaluating results.

Specimen Requirements

Collection Offsite

Specimen transport kits are available by contacting MLabs at 800-862-7284. Store cytogenetic transport media frozen until ready for use. If possible, specimen transport should be arranged so that the specimen is received by MLabs the same day it is collected. Call for a STAT courier or send via Priority Overnight delivery. Place POC specimen in a sterile screw top container containing cytogenetic transport media. If a kit is not available, use a sterile urine cup and sterile RPMI, sterile Hank’s Solution, or sterile saline for specimen transport. If using saline do not submerge the specimen, use just enough to keep it moist. Do not send the specimen dry. DO NOT ADD FORMALIN OR FREEZE. POCs often contain large numbers of bacteria so refrigerate if specimen must be stored overnight. Transport with a cold pack or at room temperature. Do not allow specimen to freeze. Submit the POC sample along with a completed MLabs Constitutional Cytogenetics Requisition form:

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88262 Chromosome Analysis, 88233 Tissue Culture
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