Test Overview

Test Methodology

Microscopic exam

Test Usage

Establish the diagnosis of infection with Cyclospora or Cystoisopora (Isospora).

Reference Range*

No Cyclospora or Cystoisopora (Isospora) seen.

* Reference ranges may change over time. Please refer to the original patient report when evaluating results.

Test Limitations

One negative result does not rule out the possibility of infection.

Test Details

Days Test Performed

Monday - Friday

Analytic Time

48 hours

Soft Order Code


MiChart Code

Cyclospora and Cystoisopora (Isospora) Exam



Duodenal Aspirate: Cryptosporidia, Cyclospora, Cystoisospora (Isospora)
Feces: Cryptosporidia, Cyclospora, Cystoisospora (Isospora)
Parasite Exam: Cryptosporidia, Cyclospora, Cystoisospora (Isospora)
Sigmoid: Cryptosporidia, Cyclospora, Cystoisospora (Isospora)
Sputum: Cryptosporidia, Cyclospora, Cystoisospora (Isospora)
Stool: Cryptosporidia, Cyclospora, Cystoisospora (Isospora)
Cyclospora Exam
Cystoisospora (Isospora) Exam

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Specimen Requirements

Offsite Collection Instructions

Collect fresh random stool, duodenal aspirate, or sigmoid specimen. If necessary, obtain specimen using a warm saline enema or fleets Phospho-Soda. Specimens obtained with mineral oil, bismuth, or magnesium compounds are not acceptable. Wait until patient has cleared substance (about 7-10 Days) before collecting stools for examination. Stool specimens MUST be sent in Ova and Parasite transport kit. Emulsify stool specimen thoroughly in vial fluid. If necessary, place a urine bag on the patient to prevent urine contamination. Stool specimen may be collected directly from a diaper, except super absorbent types. Continue adding stool to the transport until specimen reaches the fill line. Transport kits may be held up to 1 week refrigerated or at room temperature. Sputum and other body sites are acceptable specimens by special request and should be sent in a sterile container. Indicate specimen source and collection date/time. Only submit 1 specimen per day. If an unacceptable specimen is received, the client will be notified before disposal of the original specimen.

Rejection Criteria

Specimen not in transport or not completely emulsified in transport liquid; less than minimum volume; barium or other interfering substances in the stool; patient in-house >3 days


Administration of barium, bismuth, Metamucil, castor oil, mineral oil

Normal Volume

5 mL stool

Minimum Volume

0.5 mL stool

Additional Information

Test includes microscopic examination of concentrate using special stains.

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Fee Codes

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