Test Overview
Test Methodology

Dynamic Reaction Cell-Inductively Coupled Plasma / Mass Spectrometry (DRC-ICP/MS)

Test Usage

Marked elevations of hepatic copper are characteristic of Wilson's disease (hepatolenticular degeration) and PBC.

Reference Range *

Males- 10 - 35 mcg/g dry weight; Females- <50 mcg/g dry wt.

* Reference ranges may change over time. Please refer to the original patient report when evaluating results.

Test Details
Days Set Up
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Analytic Time

3 - 6 days

Soft Order Code
MiChart Code
Copper, Liver Tissue
  • Cu
  • Cu, Liver Tissue
  • Wilson's Disease
  • CU-T
Reference Laboratory
Mayo CUT (8687)
Special Testing
Specimen Requirements
Collection Instructions

A minimum of 2 mg of fresh or frozen liver tissue is required for analysis. This is typically a piece of tissue from a 14-gauge needle biopsy at least 0.5 cm long. If an 18-gauge needle is used, the tissue must be at least 1 cm in length. The 18-gauge needle produces a specimen that is thin and fragile and difficult to handle. Fresh or frozen specimen is preferred. Place specimen in a metal free container and refrigerate.

Do not collect specimens from patients who have received gadolinium within the past 48 hours. Gadolinium, a material contained in some contrast media, is known to interfere with most metals tests. Many fixatives, such as Hollandes, contain high levels of copper. Any object that has been exposed to these fixatives (e.g., cutting boards, towels, containers, utensils) and comes in contact with the tissue can potentially contaminate it. Rinsing and washing will not remove copper contaminant. Any container that has been previously filled with a copper-containing fixative can contaminate the tissue. Formalin will leach trace amounts of copper out of the plastic. Therefore any plastic containers should be new.
Normal Volume
2 mg fresh or frozen liver tissue
Minimum Volume
2 mg fresh or frozen liver tissue
Additional Information

Test sent to Mayo Medical Laboratories.

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