Test Overview
Test Methodology


Test Usage

Isolate and identify anaerobic organisms.

Reference Range *

No growth

* Reference ranges may change over time. Please refer to the original patient report when evaluating results.

Test Limitations

Identifications will not be performed on cultures yielding 3 or more organisms.
Antibiotic susceptibilities are not performed.

Test Details
Days Set Up
Daily, 24 hours
Analytic Time

Preliminary results are reported in 24 hours. Negative cultures are reported within 4-10 days depending on specimen source.

Soft Order Code
  • Amniocentesis, Anaerobe Culture
  • Body Fluid Culture, Anaerobic
  • ANNC
  • Ascites, Anaerobe Culture
  • Bile, Anaerobe Culture
  • Culture, Body Fluid, Anaerobe
  • Dialysate, Anaerobe Culture
  • Gallbladder, Anaerobe Culture
  • Pericardial Fluid, Anaerobe Culture
  • Peritoneal Fluid, Anaerobe Culture
  • Pleural Fluid, Anaerobe Culture
  • Synovial Fluid, Anaerobe Culture
  • Thoracentesis Anaerobe Culture
Specimen Requirements
Collection Instructions

Collect fluid or tissue specimens using sterile technique. AVOID CONTAMINATION WITH NORMAL FLORA FROM SKIN, RESPIRATORY TRACT, OR OTHER BODY SURFACES. Indicate specimen source, collection date/time, current antibiotic therapy and clinical diagnosis on requisition.

Normal Volume
0.5 - 10.0 mL fluid, DO NOT SEND SWABS. Fluid in Eswab transport is acceptable
Minimum Volume
0.5 - 10.0 mL fluid, DO NOT SEND SWABS. Fluid in Eswab transport is acceptable
Storage Temperature
For optimal recovery, anaerobic specimens should not be stored. If unable to transport immediately, specimens in anaerobic transport may be held at room temperature for 24 hours.

Ambient: Yes
Refrigerate: No
Freeze: No

Rejection Criteria
1. Not in anaerobic transport and >3.0 hr old
2. Specimen sent on a swab.
3. Specimens from sites which have anaerobic bacteria as normal flora (e.g. throat or sputum, rectal swabs, cervical-vaginal mucosal swabs, skin and superficial wounds will routinely be rejected.
4. Specimen < 1.0 ml and not in
anaerobic transport.
5. If an unacceptable specimen is received, the client will be notified before disposal of the original specimen.
Additional Information

Test includes anaerobe culture. Direct smear is included if additional specimen is sent in a sterile tube (NOT anaerobic transport) and direct smear is requested. Specimens for anaerobic culture should be accompanied by a specimen from the same site for aerobic bacterial culture.

CPT Code
Fee Code