Posted Date
Effective Date
Update Type Test Discontinued
Order Code ARMS

EWSR1/ATF1 Translocation (Clear Cell Sarcoma) by PCR
Order Code: CCS
Fee Code: 21661 (CPT 81401)

EWSR1/FLI1 and EWSR1/ERG Translocations (Ewing Sarcoma) by PCR
Order Code: EWING
Fee Code: NA077, NA078 (CPT 81401 x2)

EWSR1/WT1 Translocation (Desmoplastic Small Round Cell Tumor) by PCR
Order Code: DSRCT
Fee Code: 21663 (CPT 81401)

PAX/FOXO1 Translocation (Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma) by PCR
Order Code: ARMS
Fee Code: NA079, NA080 (CPT 81401 x2)

SYT/SSX Translocation (Synovial Sarcoma) by PCR
Order Code: SYT
Fee Code: NA075, NA076 (CPT 81401 x2)

The MLabs Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory will discontinue offering the RT-PCR assays listed above effective July 1, 2024. All the gene fusions targeted by the above tests are covered by the Comprehensive Solid Tumor Fusion Panel (order code FCOMP), which uses anchored multiplex PCR and next-generation sequencing (NGS). This type of panel is a more comprehensive method of evaluating solid tumors for gene fusions and has several advantages over RT-PCR including:

  • Many more gene-to-gene fusion combinations are covered by this panel. Refer to MLabs Test Catalog for additional details:
  • More exon-to-exon fusion combinations for a given gene-to-gene combination (including those of the discontinued tests) are covered.
  • Anchored multiplex PCR enables detection of gene fusions involving the targeted genes and exons in a partner-agnostic fashion (regardless of the specific fusion partner), including potential novel fusion partners.
    FISH assays relevant for solid tumors (e.g., EWSR1, CIC, MDM2, PDGFB, NR4A3, DDIT3, BRAF, HER2, ALK, ROS1, RET, MET, BRAF, USP6, mesothelioma FISH, biliary FISH, UroVysion, TFE3, TFEB) are not being discontinued. These FISH assays are more targeted options available that have a faster turn-around time than the Comprehensive Solid Tumor Fusion Panel.