Posted Date
Effective Date
Update Type Test Methodology Changed
CPT Code 86255 x9, 84182
Order Code AIAES
Referral Laboratory Mayo Medical Laboratories

Axonal Neuropathy, Autoimmune Evaluation, Serum

Order Code:                  AIAES

Fee Code:                    AA980, AA981 (CPT 86255 x9, 84182)

Reference Laboratory:   Mayo AIAES


Effective June 4, 2024, the following updates will be made to Mayo Clinic Laboratories Axonal Neuropathy Autoimmune Evaluation panel:


  • Test component IgLON Family Member 5 Antibody, Cell Binding Assay, Serum (test ID IG5CS) (CPT 86255) will be added to the panel.
  • Reflex test IgLON Family Member 5 Antibody, Immunofluorescence Titer Assay, Serum (test ID IG5TS) (CPT 86256) will be performed automatically at an additional charge if indicated.