Posted Date
Effective Date
Update Type Test Discontinued
CPT Code 81218
Order Code CEBPA

EFFECTIVE DATE:       May 6, 2024      




CEBPA Mutation

Order Code:                  CEBPA

Fee Code:                    NA055 (CPT 81218)


The MLabs Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory will discontinue offering the CEBPA Mutation and KIT Mutation for AML assays effective May 6, 2024. 


Each of these tests is performed using Sanger Sequencing and both of these genes, including additional exons for KIT, are included in sequencing within the Myeloid NGS Panel (order code MYENG). In addition, the Myeloid NGS Panel detects these mutations with a lower limit of detection (5% variant allele frequency compared to 20% allele frequency for the single gene tests). Myeloid NGS is recommended for acute myeloid leukemia, other myeloid neoplasms, and all applications in which these single gene tests were previously ordered.