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Update Type New Tests
Order Code TBA

Bile Acids, Total, Serum

Order Code:                  TBA

Fee Code:                     JA058 (CPT 82239)

LOINC:                         14628-2


The MLabs Chemistry Core Laboratory will begin offering Total Bile Acids, Serum effective February 6, 2024. This test will replace Total Bile Acids currently sent to Mayo Clinic Laboratories (order code FBILE). This test is used for the detection of hepatobiliary dysfunction and to aid in diagnosis of intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy.  This test should not be ordered for patients receiving bile acid therapy. Serum total bile acids testing is generally not suitable for differentiation among the various types of liver diseases.


Collection Instructions: Collect specimen in an SST tube from a fasting patient (8 hour fast). Centrifuge, aliquot 0.5 mL of serum into a plastic vial, and refrigerate.


Reference Range: < or = 10 umol/L