Posted Date
Effective Date
Test Name Ureaplasma PCR
Update Type Specimen collection or handling and/or storage changed
Order Code URRP



Ureaplasma PCR

Order Code:                  URRP

Fee Code:                     21627 (CPT 87798)

Reference Laboratory:   Mayo URRP


Effective October 10, 2023, respiratory fluid and body fluid specimens submitted for Ureaplasma PCR will no longer be accepted if sent in viral transport media. These fluids should be transported in a sterile container not containing media.


Collection Instructions: Send 1 -2 mL of fluid or respiratory specimen in a sterile container; send refrigerated (preferred) or frozen.


Acceptable fluids are pelvic, peritoneal, amniotic, prostatic secretions, semen, reproductive drainage or fluid, pleural or chest, chest tube, and pericardial.  Acceptable respiratory specimens are sputum, tracheal secretions, bronchial washings, bronchoalveolar lavage, lung, and nasal washings (note: nasal washings are accepted only for infants <3 months of age).