Test Name Multiple New NGS Assays
Posted Date
Effective Date
Update Type New Tests



Michigan Medicine Laboratories MMGL Molecular Genetics Laboratory will be offering 32 new NGS assays beginning September 27, 2023 (see effective dates for each assay listed below). These diagnostic NGS assays will be used as follow-up testing to confirm individuals with a corresponding positive Newborn Screening (NBS) result (performed at the State of Michigan Laboratory) or who have a phenotype consistent with the associated metabolic disease.


Test Name Order Code Fee Code  CPT Code Effective Date
ACADM Gene Sequencing ACADM DA177 81479, G0452-26 09/27/23
ACADV Gene Sequencing ACADV DA178 81406, G0452-26 09/27/23
Cerebral Creatine Deficiency Panel NB19 DA203 81479, G0452-26 10/11/23
CPT1A Gene Sequencing CPT1A DA179 81479, G0452-26 10/04/23
Cystinuria Panel NB23 DA207 81479, G0452-26 10/11/23
Elevated Arginine (Arginase deficiency) Panel NB12 DA196 81479, G0452-26 09/27/23
Elevated C16, C16:1, C18, and C18:1 Panel NB11 DA195 81479, G0452-26 10/11/23
Elevated C16-OH, C16:1-OH, C18-OH and C18:1-OH Panel NB10 DA194 81406, G0452-26 10/04/23
Elevated C3 Panel NB3 DA187 81479, G0452-26 09/27/23
Elevated C3-DC Panel NB4 DA188 81479, G0452-26 10/04/23
Elevated C4 and C5 (MACD deficiency) Panel NB2 DA186 81479, G0452-26 09/27/23
Elevated C4 Panel NB5 DA189 81479, G0452-26 10/04/23
Elevated C4-DC Panel NB6 DA190 81479, G0452-26 10/04/23
Elevated C4-OH Panel NB7 DA191 81479, G0452-26 10/04/23
Elevated C5 Panel NB8 DA192 81479, G0452-26 10/04/23
Elevated C5-OH Panel NB9 DA193 81479, G0452-26 10/04/23
Elevated Citrulline (Citrullinemia) Panel NB13 DA197 81479, G0452-26 09/27/23
Elevated Glycine Panel (including Glycine Encephalopathy) NB22 DA206 81479, G0452-26 10/11/23
Elevated Leucine (MSUD) Panel NB14 DA198 81479, G0452-26 09/27/23
Elevated Methionine Panel NB15 DA199 81479, G0452-26 10/11/23
Elevated Phenylalanine (Hyperphenylalaninemia) Panel NB1 DA185 81479, G0452-26 09/27/23
Elevated Proline (Hyperprolinemia) Panel NB20 DA204 81479, G0452-26 10/11/23
Elevated Succinylacetone Panel NB16 DA200 81479, G0452-26 10/11/23
G6PD Gene Sequencing G6PDS DA181 81249, G0452-26 10/04/23
Galactosemia Panel NB18 DA202 81479, G0452-26 10/11/23
GCDH Gene Sequencing GCDH DA180 81406, G0452-26 10/04/23
HGD Gene Sequencing HGD DA182 81479, G0452-26 10/04/23
IDS Gene Sequencing IDSS DA184 81405, G0452-26 09/27/23
Low Citrulline Panel NB21 DA205 81479, G0452-26 10/11/23
Lysosomal Storage Disorders Newborn Screening Panel NB24 DA208 81479, G0452-26 10/11/23
Methylmalonic Acidemia and Homocystinuria Panel NB17 DA201 81479, G0452-26 10/11/23
SLC22A5 Gene Sequencing SLC22 DA183 81405, G0452-26 09/27/23