Test Name Caradamon, IgE/ Curry, IgE/ Hop Fruit, IgE
Posted Date
Effective Date
Update Type Test Discontinued
Order Code CARD, CURR, HOP



Cardamon, IgE

Order Code:                  CARD

Fee Code:                     AA771 (CPT 86003)

Reference Laboratory:   Mayo CARD


Curry, IgE

Order Code:                  CURR

Fee Code:                     AA793 (CPT 86003)

Reference Laboratory:   Mayo CURR


Hop Fruit, IgE

Order Code:                  HOP

Fee Code:                     AA811 (CPT 86003)

Reference Laboratory:   Mayo HOP


The above Mayo Clinic Laboratories Allergen, IgE, Serum testing will be discontinued effective June 22, 2023, due to discontinuation of reagent by the manufacturer. There are no recommended alternative tests.