Posted Date
Effective Date
Test Name Beta 2 Transferrin
Update Type Test Discontinued
Order Code BETA2



Beta 2 Transferrin

Order Code:                  BETA2

Fee Code:                     AA727 (CPT 86335)

Reference Laboratory:   Mayo BETA2


Mayo Clinic Laboratories has discontinued their Beta 2 Transferrin, detection of CSF in other body fluid assay effective May 9, 2023, due to availability of an automated methodology for Beta-Trace Protein.  This test has been replaced by Beta-Trace Protein, Body Fluid (Mayo test ID BTPBF).


Collection Instructions: Place 1 mL (minimum 0.5 mL) of fluid into sterile container, syringe (with needle removed), or test tube (preferred). If submitting a syringe, remove needle and add cap to end of syringe. If preferred collection is not feasible specimen may be collected using a plain cotton swab or pledget, or gauze (circle area on the gauze where specimen was collected) and place in a sterile container or test tube. Do not collect specimen with a culture swab. Do not add any additional liquid other than specimen to the swab or gauze. Store and transport refrigerated.


Reference Range: <5 mg/L: negative for CSF, 5-7 mg/L: indeterminate for presence of CSF; >7 mg/L: consistent with the presence of CSF.