Posted Date
Effective Date
Test Name Myeloid NGS Panel
Update Type Miscellaneous
Order Code MYENG



Myeloid NGS Panel

Order Code:                  MYENG

Fee Code:                     NA105

CPT Code:                    81450, G0452-26


New Fee Code:             NA105, NA010, NA011

New CPT Code:            81450, 81245, 81246, G0452-26 x2


Effective April 12, 2023, ordering of the Myeloid NGS Panel includes a result for both an NGS panel and a separate single-gene test for FLT3 mutations using multiplex PCR and capillary electrophoresis. The FLT3 result is reported prior to the result for the full NGS panel and is now billed with separate charges (CPT 81245, 81246, G0452-26). Separate FLT3 testing enables faster resulting for this gene which is important for the potential use of FLT3 inhibitor therapy. In addition, this separate testing enables quantification of FLT3 allelic ratio.