Posted Date
Effective Date
Update Type Test Code Change
Order Code REVE2
Referral Laboratory Mayo Medical Laboratories



Erythrocytosis Evaluation, Whole Blood

Order Code:                  REVE1

Reference Laboratory:   Mayo REVE1


New Order Code:          REVE2

New Reference Lab:      Mayo REVE2


Effective December 22, 2022, Mayo Clinic Laboratories will replace test ID REVE1 with test ID REVE2. Due to assay performance issues, profile components Oxygen Dissociation P50 (P50P) (CPT 82820) and P50 Shipping Control Vial (CTRL) will be removed and become obsolete on this date as well. This test is used for definitive, comprehensive, and economic evaluation of an individual with JAK2-negative erythrocytosis associated with lifelong sustained increased hemoglobin or hematocrit.