Posted Date
Effective Date
Update Type Test Down or Delayed
CPT Code 83020x3, 83021, 83789, 83068, 82664, 88184
Order Code REVE1
Referral Laboratory Mayo Medical Laboratories



Erythrocytosis Evaluation

Order Code:                  REVE1

Reference Laboratory: Mayo REVE1

Due to assay performance issues, Mayo Clinic Laboratories Oxygen Dissociation P50 (P50P) test component is down effective August 2, 2022. There is no alternative testing option. The following process will be followed until further notice:

  • P50P will be reported as test not performed (TNP)
  • P50P will be removed from the profile interpretations
  • CPT code 82820 will be removed from billing

Note that the whole blood specimen and whole blood sodium heparin normal shipping control are not required when requesting the Erythrocytosis Evaluation during the P50P test component down period.