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Please be aware that there are currently significant transportation challenges across the entire United States shipping network. From pilot shortages and truck driver shortages, staffing issues due to COVID, and weather-related delays, the transportation industry needs our assistance to help with the challenges they face with meeting demand for these services.


MLabs has been alerted to a specific risk that FedEx Express (air deliveries) is significantly impacted due to a pilot shortage across the United States.  This risk is considered indefinite.  FedEx Ground is less impacted.


The current risk will impact anyone who uses the FedEx Express service. While you can continue to request FedEx Express you should not depend on it for next day delivery. We also recommend the following additional countermeasures:

  • Where possible select ground service or a lower express service 
  • Ensure your planning includes sufficient lead time to account for delayed air freight deliveries and for ground deliveries 
  • Where applicable, include enough dry ice to cover 72 hours of storage