Posted Date
Effective Date
Test Name Myeloid NGS Panel
Update Type Specimen collection or handling and/or storage changed
CPT Code 81450
Order Code MYENG



Myeloid NGS Panel

Order Code:                             MYENG

CPT Code:                               81450


Effective October 6, 2021, MLabs will change the Myeloid NGS Panel Test by posting a preliminary result concerning FLT3 mutation status based on single gene testing performed in parallel with NGS without any additional charge. This preliminary result is intended to rapidly inform clinical teams of FLT3 status which may affect immediate treatment decisions e.g. the addition of midostaurin to induction chemotherapy for acute myeloid leukemia. Full Myeloid NGS sequencing (including sequencing of FLT3) will be reported separately. While the turn-around-time for Myeloid NGS Panel testing is 7-21 days, a preliminary result of FLT3 mutation status will be issued more rapidly (2-7 days). If a provider is interested in this preliminary result, please follow the specimen collection and submission instructions below.


Collection instructions: 5 mL EDTA (lavender) whole blood; 3 mL EDTA (lavender) bone marrow; Fresh/frozen tissue and fresh aspirates or body fluids; Fresh/frozen cells in RPMI; Fixed cytogenetic cell suspensions or pellets in Carnoy's fixative.

Extracted DNA will be accepted from specimens that were not extracted from formalin-fixed specimens, if extracted in a CLIA certified laboratory.


Analytic Time: 7-21 Days