Posted Date
Effective Date
Update Type Reference range changed
CPT Code 84157
Order Code PRCSF



Protein, CSF

Order Code:                 PRCSF                        

CPT Code:                   84157


Protein, Urine

Order Code:                 PROTU

CPT Code:                   84156


Effective March 4, 2021, MLabs will change the reporting limits and reporting reference ranges for Protein, CSF (PRCSF) and Protein, Urine (PROTU) due to reagent changes.


Current Reporting Limit


New Reporting Limit

Lower Limit

< 1.0 mg/dL


Lower Limit

<6.0 mg/dL

Upper Limit



Upper Limit

250.0 mg/dL


Reporting Reference Range



Current Reporting Reference Range


New Reporting Reference Range

24 - Urine Collection

0.0-0.15 g/24hr


24 - Urine Collection

<0.15 g/24hr

Urine Protein/ Creatinine

0.01-0.18 g


Urine Protein/ Creatinine

<0.18 g