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CPT Code 83520
Order Code INHAB



Inhibin A & B, Tumor Marker

Order Code:                             INHAB

CPT Code:                               83520

Referral Laboratory:                Mayo Medical Laboratories


Effective October 28, 2020, MLabs will offer Inhibin A & B, Tumor Marker (INHAB) via Mayo Medical Laboratories.


Collection Instructions: Collect approximately 2 mL of whole blood in a red top vacutainer or a serum separator tube (SST). Centrifuge and aliquot 1 mL of serum into a plastic vial. Ship the specimen refrigerated.


Methodology: ELISA


Analytic Time: 1 day


Reference Range: Age and sex specific ranges provided with report


Test Usage: As an aid in the diagnosis of granulosa cell tumors and mucinous epithelial ovarian tumors and for monitoring of patients with granulosa cell tumors and epithelial mucinous-type tumors of the ovary known to overexpress inhibin A and B