Posted Date
Effective Date
Update Type Replacement Test
CPT Code 86617 x2
Order Code TKPNL
Referral Laboratory Mayo Medical Laboratories



Tick Borne Disease Antibodies Panel

Order Code:                             TKPNL

CPT Code:                               86617 x2

Referral Laboratory:                Mayo Medical Laboratory




Tick Borne DNA Panel B

Order Code:                             TKPAN

CPT Code:                               87798 x8

Referral Laboratory:             Mayo Medical Laboratory



Effective August 18, 2020, MLabs will replace Tick Borne Disease Antibodies Panel (TKPNL) with Tick Borne DNA Panel B (TKPAN) via Mayo Medical Laboratories.


Collection Instructions: Collect 1mL of whole blood in a EDTA lavender top vacutainer and ship the specimen refrigerated to MLabs. 


Methodology: PCR


Analysis: Monday through Saturday, 1 day TAT