Posted Date
Effective Date
CPT Code 87635
Order Code COVID



Due to changes in infectious disease mandatory reporting to the State of Michigan, all SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), PCR (COVID) testing will require additional patient information. The new “ask and order entry” questions will be as follows:


1. Is this the patients first COVID test?  Yes/No

2. Is the patient employed in a healthcare facility? Yes/No

3. Is the patient symptomatic as defined by the CDC standards? Yes/No

4. Is the patient currently hospitalized? Yes/No

5. Is the patient in the Intensive Care unit (ICU) Yes/No

6. Is the patient pregnant? Yes/No

7. Is the patient in a congregate care setting*? Yes/No


ie. Nursing home / residential care for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities/ psychiatric treatment facility/ group home/ board and care homes / homeless shelter/ foster care or other settings