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Effective Date
Update Type New Tests
CPT Code 82820

Order Code:                  P50B

Reference Laboratory:   Mayo Medical Laboratory

Effective September 4, 2019, MLabs will offer Oxygen Dissociation, P50, Erythrocytes (P50B) testing sent to Mayo Medical Laboratories.

Collection Instructions: Collect approximately 5 mL of whole blood in a sodium heparin (green top) tube from a patient AND a normal control participant.  Rubber band the tubes together and send to refrigerate immediately. Please label the normal control tube as “Normal Control” without patient identifiers. Tubes must be kept together to ensure temperature exposures are identical. 

Methodology: Hemox-Analyzer Measures and Plots O2 Saturation

Reference Range:  > or =12 months: 24-30 mm Hg

Test Set Up / Analytic Time: Monday - Sunday, 2 - 4 days