Molecular Diagnostics

Michigan Medicine Laboratories (MLabs) is committed to ensure that our molecular diagnostic test menu is easily available to you and linked with our faculty’s experience and expertise to help you know the right test to order and what the result means in terms of diagnosis, prognosis and the therapeutic relevance to your patients. 

Molecular Diagnostics testing at MLabs is performed by several of our laboratories and partners combining the expertise of leaders in this exciting field. The majority of our molecular diagnostic assays are performed in the Molecular Oncology/Genetics Laboratory, Michigan Medical Genetics Laboratory, and Michigan Center for Translational Pathology Laboratory.

Our Test Catalog Search is the simplest way to find the test you are seeking. Enter the whole name or search by a few characters, either way should lead you to the test requested.

Molecular Oncology/Genetics Laboratory (MOLDX) is focused on qualitative and quantitative tests for inherited genetic conditions and hematology and solid tumor malignancies. The test menu is extensive offering the expertise necessary for you to ensure that the right diagnosis is made to assist with the treatment of your patients. 

Michigan Medical Genetics Laboratory (MMGL) offers clinical assays for rare genetic diseases that are caused by changes in one or more genes. There are two separate laboratory sections, one for metabolic or biochemical genetic diseases such as those on the newborn screen, and one for DNA based molecular methods for inherited conditions.

Michigan Center for Translational Pathology Laboratory (MCTP) is a nationally known provider for PCA3 and Circulating Tumor Cell (Breast, Colorectal, and Prostate) testing.  

We are always available for assistance if there is a specific assay you wish to have performed but do not see listed. Simply call MLabs Client Services (800-862-7284) with your inquiry.

For additional information on our laboratories and specific tests, click on the links below:

For additional information on our laboratories and specific tests, click on the links below: 

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