The Hematology Laboratory combines clinical hematology, coagulation, and flow cytometry at Michigan Medicine Laboratories. Routine hematology specimens are analyzed via the Sysmex HST automation line which includes 4 Sysmex XE5000 analyzers and 2 Sysmex SP1000 slidemaker/strainers. This allows 80% of routine hematology testing to be done in a fully automated fashion. Testing that cannot be completed on the automation line is reviewed by our staff of Medical Technologists who specialize in Hematology. Any questionable results are also reviewed by our Pathologist. The Laboratory is staffed by a full-time hematopathologist, available daily for consultation. 

The Laboratory also performs body fluid and cerebrospinal fluid analysis. The majority of body fluids are counted on Sysmex XE5000 analyzers, while differentials are performed manually, and questionable results are reviewed by a hematopathologist. 

Urinalysis is performed in the hematology laboratory using an Iris International iQ200SPRINTTM which ha flow imaging technology, particle recognition software algorithms and integrated automation. 

The bone marrow section specializes in diagnosis using cytochemical staining techniques and microscopic review of cell morphology. These techniques are used to assist in the diagnostic evaluation of patients in the bone marrow transplant and myeloma programs here at the University of Michigan. These active UMHS programs allow MLabs to offer this specialized expertise to outside physicians, clinics and hospitals. 

The Coagulation, or Hemostasis/Thrombosis Laboratory, is a full reference laboratory that can diagnose most hemostatic, thrombotic and platelet function disorders using Siemens BCS analyzers. More than 45 individual assays are available to help evaluate patients with hemostatic/thrombotic problems.

Please refer to the MLabs Test Catalog for available assays and specimen collection requirements.

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