Flow Cytometry

The Clinical Flow Cytometry Laboratory is an integral part of the University of Michigan Department of Pathology’s Hematopathology Section. This laboratory provides a broad range of immunophenotyping services as well as expert hematopathology consultation. Routinely available surface marker panels include: leukemia and lymphoma phenotyping on peripheral blood, bone marrow, fresh tissue, or other body fluid specimens; and lymphocyte subset analyses of peripheral blood in acquired or inherited (primary) immunodeficiencies; and transplant recipients. 

The Flow Cytometry Laboratory is staffed by a cadre’ of full-time hematopathologists, available daily for consultation Acute leukemia specimens received by 1:00 p.m. can be reported by telephone or FAX the same day. Cytochemical studies or TdT assays are performed as required for diagnostic triage by our hematopathologists. Specimens are also processed to enable application of sophisticated molecular diagnostic tests (e.g., gene rearrangement analysis, or polymerase chain reaction for bcr-abl translocation), should they be required. 

Flow Cytometry Laboratory staffing includes Saturday coverage by both technologists and a hematopathologist from 8:00 am – 1:00 pm. The Laboratory is not routinely open on Sundays and holidays; however, a hematopathologist and/or technologist are always on-call for emergencies only. Thus special arrangements can be made for processing and evaluating urgent cases. Note that all assays require patient history and/or clinical findings.

The Flow Cytometry Laboratory offers the following assays:

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