Test Overview
Test Methodology

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

Test Usage

The NMR LipoProfile is an advanced cardiovascular diagnostic test that determines the numbers and sizes of lipoproteins in circulation to help clinicians more accurately diagnose and treat patients with heart disease.

Reference Range *

Interpretive report provided.

Test Details
Days Set Up
Monday - Friday
Analytic Time

1 day

Soft Order Code
MiChart Code
Lipoprotein subparticles by NMR
  • NMR630
  • NMR600
  • NMR610
  • LipoProfile+Homocysteine+CRP
Reference Laboratory
Mayo FNMRM (LabCorp 884000)
Special Testing
Specimen Requirements

Collect specimen in a lavender top or red top tube from a fasting patient; do not use SST or PST tube. Centrifuge, aliquot plasma or serum into a plastic vial and refrigerate. Specimen must be received by the performing laboratory within 6 days of collection.

Special Handling

Fasting specimen.

Rejection Criteria
SST or PST tube not acceptable.
Yellow Top Tube
Red Top Tube
Normal Volume
2 mL EDTA plasma or serum
Minimum Volume
1 mL EDTA plasma or serum
Additional Information

Several primary prevention and secondary prevention scenarios exist where patients would receive greater benefit from quantitative lipoprotein testing than cholesterol information. Primary prevention patients with a high-risk history, patients with isolated lipid abnormalities such as low HDL cholesterol levels or elevated triglycerides, and patients at or near an NCEP cutpoint would be candidates for the NMR LipoProfile. Secondary prevention patients may benefit from quantitative testing when those patients have few or no modifiable risk factors, have diabetes, continue to have recurrent events, and finally those at or near an NCEP cutpoint where the clinician needs more information to make an informed decision. The NMR LipoProfile is not needed when the clinician would initiate treatment based on excessively elevated lipid values. Test sent to Mayo Medical Laboratories; performed by LabCorp Burlington.

CPT Code
Fee Code
NY State Approved