Test Overview
Test Methodology

Latex Agglutination

Test Usage

Detection of Candida albicans cell wall polysaccharide (mannan) in serum is highly suggestive of systemic or disseminated candidiasis.

Reference Range *

< 1:2; <1:2 Antigen Not Detected, > or = 1:2 Antigen Detected

Test Limitations

This test is designed to detect circulating Candida antigen in patients with serious, disseminated infection. Mucotaneous type infections such as oral or vaginal thrush or oesophagitis are not detected by this test.

Test Details
Days Set Up
Monday - Friday
Analytic Time

1 - 9 days

Soft Order Code
  • Candida albicans Antigen Detection
  • Mannan Test, Candida
  • Candida albicans Ag Detection
Reference Laboratory
Mayo FCAND (90067) (Focus 40235)
Special Testing
Specimen Requirements
Collection Instructions

Collect specimen in a red top or SST tube. Centrifuge, aliquot serum into a plastic vial and refrigerate. Note: CSF is not acceptable.

Yellow Top Tube
Normal Volume
0.5 mL serum
Minimum Volume
0.2 mL serum
Additional Information

Test sent to Mayo Medical Laboratories; performed by Focus Diagnostics.

CPT Code
NY State Approved